3.5.3 Laches (137r – 141v)

cropped-naples-philosophenmosaik-pointer-to-hinge-and-boxs-lid-angle-rev4.jpgChapt 1:  178 a1

Terence Echterling's valuable recent dissertation merits wider circulation.  Here you will find some of my comments to its work on MENO 86,f:

diplasios as ultra-ambiguous, diakatachrestokoteron in Meno 86 - Echterling 13,vii,20 

it is available on the web at:  



Do try a search, dear reader, in this test file from Symposium, inside the text of Symposium, at this link here adjoined   TLG0059, Sympall, r3

Admittedly this electronic text is in a difficult and dated old code, but it is one of the best now widely available to you at home:  derived from the TLG’s text of SYMPOSIUM.

It is in the user-friendly form of a MS Word listing of textual lines.   Do click on it if you have ‘WORD’ in some recent version; then kindly follow these 6 steps :

  1. after seeing the numbered file, beginning from start of Euthyphro at line 1,    then–
  2. type (cntrl) + f, or the standard way of saying ‘I am trying to find all occurrences of this following word or phrase…’    then–
  3. try to get a good response by first look in upper left corner of your screen for an open rectangular box, which will be awaiting your reply, below word Navigation then–
  4. try as a first example typing into this box these 4 characters:        a)ei   This, as you know, is Plato’s favorite way of saying our ‘always’ or ‘forever’.   Presto change-o then–
  5. see if you don’t get a response, where all of this first page of results are highlighted for you, and finally then–
  6. See if you can scroll down through successive pages, until
  7. you have seen all 37 specimens in Symp. of [the OCT 1995- their variant of ‘always’, which is identical to this TLG variant of] Plato’s word for ‘always’, h.e.  A)EI.

In Greek this 3-letter variant looks like this, (after the final  grave-accent has been re-added):


Here is my own — much boosted and much modified — rendition of their text, with my line numbering and the likely page numbers from OCT’ s forthcoming Tomus II, inserted by myself:


TLG0059, Sympall, r3

Chapt 1:  178 a1  Τεθέασθε μὲν τὸν ἄνδρα...
Chapt 2:  179 b6  Ὅθεν δὲ ἡμῖν... 
Chapt 3:  180 a6  Ἐγὼ μέν, ὦ Λυσίμαχε...

Chapt 4:  180 d4
Chapt 5:  181 d1
Chapt 6:  182 d6


Chapt 7:  183 c1
Chapt 8:  184 b1
Chapt 9:  184 d5
Chapt 10:  185 b9


Chapt 11:  186 a3
Chapt 12:  187 b8
Chapt 13:  187 e6


Chapt 14:  188 c4
Chapt 15:  189 c1
Chapt 16:  190 b3


Chapt 17:  190 e4
Chapt 18:  191 c7
Chapt 19:  192 a1
Chapt 20:  192 e1


Chapt 21:  193 d11
Chapt 22:  194 c2
Chapt 23:  195 b2
Chapt 24:  195 e8


Chapt 25:  196 c10
Chapt 26:  197 c2
Chapt 27:  197 e10


Chapt 28:  198 c9
Chapt 29:  199 c3
Chapt 30:  200 a4
Chapt 31:  200 e1