1.1.1 Euthyphro (5r – 8r)



The material about religious belief from Tetralogy Nine rivals that from Tetralogy Eight.   Drawing on a favorite specialist term ‘episkepsis’, which comes to dominate the infinite-process steps in all-but-one proposition of Euclid on Cones and Cylinder one is enabled to put it ‘nearly a Whole Heaven remote’ from Euthyphro.

I call special attention refer to Books 12 and 12a of the Heiberg edition(s) of  this work.  Much more work is now needed,  possibly by T. Echterling and ‘those around him’.   Some of these latter overlap with the ‘flock’ or ‘cohort’ in Paris and Helsinki.  As I now judge this to be, Heriberg gets full answer to his implied question:  what is going on here in 12a ?    He wrote that its purpose is near unintelligible:   its Zweck seemed kaum erkennbar.   This  little appendicated piece to Euclid12 may be by Philip of Opus.

Likely Copenhagen/Saxo alongside Paris and Helsinki can be co-hortative, conceivably  some near Cambridge USA in shifting the ‘home’ position ahead.   What Nancy Demand calls metoikesis.   As I diagram this, the needed move is leftward.   From the North ‘when one looks downward from above’, this is rightward.  New Socrates, the one emerging now, is at the ready.   My hunch is that 12a has like the same relation to 12 which the present editions of Epinomis have to present editions of LAWS



2a1-3b8-4c1 (5r)

4c1-5c1-6c1 (5v)

6c1-7b10-8c2 (6r)

8c2-9c1-10c3 (6v)

10c3-11c5-12d4 (7r)

12d4-13d7-14d9 (7v)

14d10-15d7-16a3 (8r) end of Euthyphro