Purpose of this website

Scope of this website.

The main purpose here will be to furnish Plato scholars and students fuller access to the principal manuscript of the Family II Plato manuscripts, which resides in the San Marco Library in Venice. Most parts of this codex go back to 950 A.D., thus stand independent of contaminations from Renaissance sources for Plato.  This is the lead member of the three ‘primary’ witnesses to what Plato actually wrote.  There is some urgency about making access to it easier and more direct.   Work is now underway to complete the Oxford OCT edition.   It’s first volume appeared in 1995, but this leaves 70 percent or more of Plato’s writing still awaiting the detailed manuscript work still needed.  Very good mss. are already online both in Paris and Florence, and others may soon follow, for example from the Apostolica library at the Vatican. But as of 2017 the codex from Venice remains somewhat remote from scholarly inspection. This is usually called “Venetus T”.  Venetus T is made more accessible here on this website, electronically available including a generous set of Stephanus page and column markings.