Republic Book 1 (199r – 205v)


note:  this ms. predominantly misspells Thrasymachus’s definition of justice (sc. ξυμ – φερον vs. συμ – φερον); the 2 variants sounded quite different (so Einarson).   Is there an issue for Plato’s hiatus-avoidance ?  Evidence on folios 202-203.

(beginning of Republic Book 1) Rep1 327a1-328b6-329b5 (199r) Rep1 329b5-330b3-331b1 (199v) Rep1 331b2-332a10-333a12 (200r) Rep1 333a12-334b1-335a9 (200v) Rep1 335a9-336a9-337a7 (201r) Rep1 337a8-338a7-339a8 (201v) Rep1 339a8-340b1-341a7 (202r) Rep1 341a7-342a4-343a1 (202v) Rep1 343a1-343e6-344e6 (203r) Rep1 344e6-346a1-346e9 (203v) Rep1 346e9-347e4-348e10 (204r) Rep1 348e10-350a2-351a1 (204v) Rep1 351a1-352a1-353a7 (205r) Rep1 353a7-354a8-354c3 (205v)

(end of Republic Book 1)