Rights and an Invitation

We at youngersocrates.com welcome all scholars and students to this site.

Unless otherwise stated, all digital images presented on this site are protected by and appear under the care of the site owner.  The original digital photos, in TIFF format, were captured by Sandro Moro at the San Marco national library in mid-January of 2013.   This archival copy now resides there, at Piazza San Marco.

Any of these images may be used for teaching and research purposes, but close attention should be paid to such of the Creative Commons Zero rights as are applicable, via the archive copy at that library in Venice.   Further, images with Stephanus indexing should not be published — considerateness being respected — without acknowledgment of this portal.   Also, since the Stephanus indexing was done here at ‘youngersocrates.com’, and considerateness is ideallly respected,  prior notification of the site owner, Malcolm Brown.

I may be able to offer very high resolution images for certain selected scholarly purposes.  I am eager to hear from others interested in this subject matter.   For further info, please email me at at:   malcolm.brown109@yahoo.com